How to measure your blog’s value

Time for some short-takes, my version of cool stuff you should read from around the journo/techie blogosphere: Measuring your site’s value: With all the tools available to measure the worth of  your blog or news site, it can get confusing. Continue reading

Ryan Sholin says: ‘Be authentic’ on the Web

A few short-takes of interesting finds around the blogosphere. Hope you find them useful. Be authentic: Sure, news organizations try to be authoritative, reliable and popular. But Ryan Sholin, director of news innovation at Publish2, writes at Invisible Inkling that Continue reading

Six blogging mistakes: Don’t make them on your blog

First,  a personal note. Sorry, I haven’t been blogging for a while. I’ve been quite ill, with a suspected case of swine flu. (I say “suspected” because at least in my community, doctors are only giving the “swine flu” test to Continue reading