Student: Twitter helps me ‘selectively receive’ news

Another post in my occasional series, “What the Heck Do You Do On Twitter.” This one is from Juliette Lynch, a senior photojournalism and international relations major at Syracuse University. She loves photography and storytelling, people and traveling, and of Continue reading

What Editor & Publisher’s demise says about how we consume news

I heard the news about Editor & Publisher closing as I hear many things these days – through Twitter. Patrick Thornton (jiconoclast) tweeted: “Does anything better symbolize the state of print media right now than the closure of E&P? Yes things Continue reading

Twitter is a ‘great way to make connections,’ student says

Here is another installment of my occasional series: “What the Heck do You Do on Twitter?” Be sure to read the whole series, especially if you’re new to Twitter. And if you’d like to be featured, e-mail me at Continue reading

How to measure your blog’s value

Time for some short-takes, my version of cool stuff you should read from around the journo/techie blogosphere: Measuring your site’s value: With all the tools available to measure the worth of  your blog or news site, it can get confusing. Continue reading

Student: Twitter helps me know what’s going on in the world

Here is another installment in my new series, What the Heck Do You Do on Twitter. This ones comes from Nancy Mucciarone, a junior magazine journalism major at Syracuse University. (Read the whole series.) If you’d like to tell the Continue reading

A journalist’s guide to the ethics of social media

A friend, Glenn Coin, has asked me to guest lecture about the ethics of social media for his Utica College journalism class, so I figured I’d blog my lesson plan to save time — and spread the message. I thought Continue reading

How the news found me on Twitter

More than a year ago, Brian Stelter had a story in The New York Times about how the social media generation takes it upon themselves to pass on the news they feel is worthwhile. The story contained a seminal quote Continue reading

Can journalists be human — and good at their jobs? Yes, I hope so

Here are some short-takes of interesting stuff about journalism and newspapers that I found around the blogosphere: Social media rules: The buzz over how news organizations should use (or not use) social media surfaced last spring and then died down Continue reading