How journalists can use Linked In

Now, finally, I’m back to my series on how journalists can use social-networking sites. Today’s topic is Linked In. (Be sure to check out my posts on using Facebook and MySpace.) Linked In is a bit different than Facebook and Continue reading

Can Twitter boost your blog traffic?

Well, I can’t speak for your blog, but I can tell Twitter¬† has driven traffic to my blog. But then again, I’m a social-media evangelist. I’ve written before out the the usefulness of Twitter for journalists. I’ve experienced the utility Continue reading

Five tips for journalists on the Web

I’m starting a new feature here on Save the Media: short takes. I’m hoping it will be a way to share quickly some cool stuff other journo bloggers are doing in a concise manner. So here goes. (And I promise, Continue reading

Can new media save the media?

I’m in the midst of a series of blog posts explaining how journalists can use social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Linked In. But I’ve decided to interrupt the series temporarily for a very important post: Questions about new Continue reading

More on Twitter’s usefulness for journalists

I think Twitter can be one of the more useful interactive Web tools for media organizations. So when Old Media New Tricks offered some right-on-point suggestions for how news organizations can use Twitter, I just had to blog about it. Continue reading

A pep talk for journalists

I’m going to depart from my usual tips today, and give a pep talk. Why? Because I need one. This has been a particularly tough week in a series of difficult months years for journalists.¬† This week was the first Continue reading

How Google can help journalist bloggers

As journalists using the interactive Web, it’s important to maximize the tools already at your fingertips. For example, Google offers two services for free as part of just being Google that can help journalist bloggers (and any other bloggers for Continue reading

Why journalist bloggers should read other blogs and comment on them

So you’ve started your blog, you’ve named it. Now you need to start reading. Yes, I said reading, not writing. Now I don’t mean just sit there and read all day, but if you’re going to blog well you need Continue reading

Wow! The power of blogging

I know I promised my next blog post was going to be about my hopes for journalism in the coming year, but I got a bit sidetracked today. ( I’ll be back to the hopes before the year is out.) Continue reading