What if newspapers charged for ad-free sites?

It appears the new era of paid online news is coming. Fast. The New York Times has been considering a monthly Web access fee. Rupert Murdoch has announced he’ll be charging for online content on News Corp. sites. The Boston Continue reading

GrowthSpur aims to help local news sites succeed

Just catching up some more on great stuff about the transformation of journalism: GrowthSpur: Mark Potts at Recovering Journalist is floating a new business, called GrowthSpur, aimed at helping local news sites have success. Potts, co-founder of the early but unsuccessful hyperlocal Continue reading

Twitter and the Iran election

If you’ve been on Twitter or pretty much anywhere online in the recent past , you’ve learned that Twitter has been playing a key role in allowing news about the contentious presidential election in Iran to be spread throughout the Continue reading

The ‘hyperinterest’ approach to online news

Imagine a news Web site that’s a portal to everything people used to read in newspapers plus a bunch of things that newspapers were never able to provide. A cool idea, I think, but first it requires newspapers to embrace Continue reading

Google’s advice to newspapers

Over the past two weeks, I’ve blogged about Jeff Jarvis’ book, “What Would Google Do?” as has my guest blogger, friend and colleague, Amber Smith. Both of us distilled ideas from the book, applying them to our experience at newspapers. Continue reading

Journalists must change thinking to change industry

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein When I read this Einstein quote (which was posted in an office at my kids’ elementary school), I thought: Wow! Einstein could Continue reading

Part One: What’s an online-first newsroom?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about exactly what an online-first newsroom is. And I’ve come up with six points, although I don’t think that tells the whole story. So I sense another series coming on. In today’s Continue reading

The future of newspapers: print v. digital

Time for another Short Takes:  Five articles worth reading that relate to journalism as it transforms. Are staff cuts good news? That’s the provocative question Mathew Ingram asks at the Nieman Journalism Lab. This is the kind of post that Continue reading

How journalists can use Facebook

One of the more interesting aspects of the interactive Web for journalists is the ability to connect with readers directly through social-networking sites. I really believe journalists have just begun to see the value of social networking as a reader-interaction, Continue reading