How the news found me on Twitter

More than a year ago, Brian Stelter had a story in The New York Times about how the social media generation takes it upon themselves to pass on the news they feel is worthwhile. The story contained a seminal quote Continue reading

Is blogging journalism?

A colleague of mine asked today: “Is blogging  journalism?” She was helping her step-daughter write an essay, an assignment for a college ethics course. Two co-workers and I jumped in to answer the question to help my colleague assist her Continue reading

Old journalism versus new journalism

New York University journalism prof Jay Rosen tweeted a video today that I think is a must-see for any journalist trying to understand the “Internet revolution.“  Basically, he compared the static experience of watching TV to the interactive experience of Continue reading

Tips to improve newspaper Web sites

Today’s short takes focus on a common theme: improving journalism. Enjoy. Improving newspaper Web sites: Scooping the News offers five tips for make newspaper Web sites better: communicate with readers, link out, display readers’ comments prominently; explain more about the Continue reading