Twitter and the Iran election

If you’ve been on Twitter or pretty much anywhere online in the recent past , you’ve learned that Twitter has been playing a key role in allowing news about the contentious presidential election in Iran to be spread throughout the Continue reading

Imagining news media organizations of the future

Time for some short-takes, thoughtful ideas from across the blogosphere: Media companies of the future: Chris Brogan, a new media marketing consultant, came up with his idea of what the next media company would look like, starting from scratch. I like Continue reading

Six blogging mistakes: Don’t make them on your blog

First,  a personal note. Sorry, I haven’t been blogging for a while. I’ve been quite ill, with a suspected case of swine flu. (I say “suspected” because at least in my community, doctors are only giving the “swine flu” test to Continue reading

The ‘hyperinterest’ approach to online news

Imagine a news Web site that’s a portal to everything people used to read in newspapers plus a bunch of things that newspapers were never able to provide. A cool idea, I think, but first it requires newspapers to embrace Continue reading

Paying for news content; using Twitter and social media

Seems like it’s a good time for some short takes from my jaunts around the blogosphere. Here are some posts that I found interesting. Hope you will, too. Is news like bottled water? Tim Windsor has a thought-provoking post at Continue reading

More on newspapers’ use of social media

Well, now that I’ve discussed The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Co.’s  rules for social media to death, it’s time to take a peek at other newspapers’ policies. (Hats off to Steve Buttry for a post that alerted me to The Continue reading

Wall Street Journal ‘rules’ fail to capture the value of social media

Updated: Be sure to check the links at bottom of post to other voices on this issue. This is an open letter to the Dow Jones and Co. in response to the rules it released to its staff at The Wall Continue reading

Journalists needed targeted traffic for blogs

Here are some short-takes of  journalism-related finds from around the blogosophere: Targeted traffic: In some ways the old days of ignorance were bliss. You wrote a story. You assumed people read it. You were happy. Now, thanks to stats on Continue reading