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  2. Hello Gina,

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  3. Hi Gina,
    I’m a writer at NYU’s grad school of journalism about to get my Master’s in journalism. I’m taking Jay Rosen’s beatblogging course, and Patrick Thornton thought I should interview you for our blog, “Beatblogging.” I want to play devil’s advocate a bit because I’m a more oldschool journalist: with the exception of liking to mix audiovisual elements in with text in online reporting, I’d rather be out walking a beat any time with a tape recorder, than be “stuck” behind a computer.
    I don’t like to blog. I don’t like reading blogs. I don’t like Twitter. I don’t like Facebook. I don’t like having to be on my computer constantly- it only enhances my sense of loneliness and DISconnectedness from human beings.
    One thing you mentioned about the online world which I DO like is that it will help to create relationships and serve the community: I believe in doing that as a journalist. I believe in being out there in the world and being a public servant. However, I often feel overwhelmed, confused, doubtful and put off by the Web.
    Is there a time we could talk sometime this week?

    Dan Marrin

  4. Great to meet you, Pete. Just followed you on Twitter. Feel free to follow me at bloggingmom67

  5. Let us know when you’re on Beatblogging. I was interviewed a few months ago. Those folks know what they’re doing; Jay trains ‘em well!

  6. Daniel,

    I’ll blog about it when I’m on Beat Blogging. Very excited about being on it. I find it a super-useful blog.

    But was very, very weird to be interviewed. I’m used to being on the other side of the notebook. Had to resist the urge to say, “Can I read the post be for you post it.”

    – Gina

  7. Julie,

    The captcha code is when the computer asks you to type in characters or numbers. It’s a way to prove a person commenting is human — not a robot.

    I don’t know of a plugin in to generate the captcha code, but if you Google captcha code plugin, you’ll probably find one.

    Good luck.


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  9. Random question: I was told to start a blog so that my clients or potential clients could connect with me, I am a photographer. Do you find that happening with your readers?

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