Society of Professional Journalists names 20 ‘industry thinkers’ to follow

Quill online, of the Society of Professional Journalists, released its list of 20 “industry thinkers, innovators, and practitioners” to follow, and I’m humbled and honored to be one of them. But what’s way more important that my tiny moment of Continue reading

What it means to leave the newspaper business

Dear neglected blog readers, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. But I do have some tidbits that are worth a read: Q and A with Steve Buttry: Brian Cubbison features an interview with Buttry on his blog this week that’s truly Continue reading

When it comes to social media for journalists, less may not be more

Here are some good posts for journalists – or anyone interested in the changing face of media – to read from my surfing around the blogosphere: Why less is not more:  A post by internet marketing consultant Chris Garrett offers some sage advice Continue reading

Journalism’s relationship with social media has matured

Time for some short-takes of cool journalism-related stuff you should be reading around the blogosphere: Social media goes mainstream: So finally, being on social media has stopped being gee whiz and started being, well, normal. Manish Mehtma sums this point Continue reading

News organizations’ goal for 2010: Imagine world that doesn’t exist

The legacy press or the traditional media or whatever we’re calling newspapers these days has one main challenge for 2010. And it’s not finding a new business model, although, of course, that’s important, too. But the main challenge has nothing Continue reading

Hopes for journalists in 2010

Happy 2010, readers! Wow. We survived what was quite the troubling year in journalism, and, I think, really, that journalism is better for it. Yes, there’s been too many layoffs, pay cuts, buyouts. But I think the economic woes have Continue reading