My ‘mommy blogging’ research is featured on the Broad Side

This week I had the privilege of having my work featured on the Broad Side, an online magazine of women’s writing about important issues of the day.

My post focuses on the love-hate relationship some women have with the term mommy blogger. On the one hand, it describes a powerful movement of women expressing their voices through blogging. On the other, it doesn’t accurately describe what many women bloggers do — or it offers a description that feels narrow and constricting to some.

During the end of my 20-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor, I spent two years blogging about parenting and children for The Post-Standard newspaper in Upstate New York. I grappled with the term mommy blogger, and I started reading other blog posts where women seem to feel the same conflict with the term as I did.

As I transitioned to academia, I analyzed the online debate about the term mommy blogger. The result is a feminist essay and textual analysis that is slated for publication in the academic journal, Mass Communication and Society. You can reach a pre-publication version of the article here. It’s behind a paywall, but you can get the gist from the free abstract.

You can read my reflections about the academic piece on the Broad Side.

– Gina
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