Top Save the Media posts in 2011

It’s that time of year again. A time to reflect back and look forward. I think it’s also a good time to review what posts from Save the Media captured the most attention — and traffic in the past year. Here are the top posts on Save the Media in 2011, based on pageviews. (Feel free to check the top posts for 2010 and 2009).

1. A journalist’s guide to the ethics of social media. This was remains in the #1 spot for the second year in a row, after moving up from fourth place in 2009.

2. A journalist’s guide to the Twitter #hashtag. This post was new in 2011 and got many a tweet. It’s a quick way to explain to Twitter newbies what that weird tic-tac-toe thing is on Twitter.

3. So what is journalism? This post is moving up. It was #10 in 2009, moved up to #7 in 2010. It’s still a salient topic as the lines blur between nonjournalists and journalists in our changing media landscape.

4. Journalists, don’t commit the seven deadly sins on social media.This is one of my favorite posts. I’m glad to see it move to #4 this year.

5. 10 ‘journalism rules’ you can break on your blog. This remains my post that has spurred the most interaction — comments, other blog posts, tweets. It was #1 in 2009 and dropped to #4 in 2010.

6. Is blogging journalism?. After two years as #5 on my list of most popular post, this one remains a steady draw, although slightly less than in previous years. The question, of course, remains relevant.

7. A journalist’s guide to search-engine optimization. This is one of my earliest posts, dating to my blog’s 2008 beginnings. It was #8 in 2010, so it has moved up a bit. To me, it is even more important today for journalists to understand how SEO works than it was when I wrote this post.

8. More on newspapers’ use of social media. This post is the cornerstone of what my blog is about — how journalists can — and should — use social media, and how efforts by newspapers to control that may run afoul of their long-term goals. It hit the #9 spot on my top posts list in 2009, and moved to #6 the following year.

9. Old journalism versus new journalism. This is a newcomer to the top-10 list. It offers what works from the past — and what doesn’t — as journalism evolves.

10. Five Twitter etiquette rules you should never (ever) break. Coming in at #3 in 2010, this remains a popular post. My favorite rule continues to be: Do NOT send automatic welcome direct messages to new followers. It feels like spam, and it’s a good way to get unfollowed. (And, certainly, don’t send aut0-DMs that ask me to buy your eBook. Ewww.)

– Gina

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