Society of Professional Journalists names 20 ‘industry thinkers’ to follow

Quill online, of the Society of Professional Journalists, released its list of 20 “industry thinkers, innovators, and practitioners” to follow, and I’m humbled and honored to be one of them.

But what’s way more important that my tiny moment of fame is the list itself. It’s chock full of folks I want to know more about. Some were folks I follow regularly on Twitter and through the blogosphere. Folks like Vadim Lavrusik, who works for Mashable, or Steve Buttry, a longtime journalist who recently left the newspaper biz.

But I also came across some new folks who I can’t wait to get to know virtually. Below is the complete list, so you can do what I just did — follow all of them on Twitter.

Benet J. Wilson

David Cohn

Steve Buttry

Gina M. Chen

Emma L. Carew

Mark S. Luckie

Vadim Lavrusik

Linda Thomas

Sree Sreenivasan

Monica Guzman

Laura Oliver

Victor Hernandez

Mark Briggs

Suzanne Yada

Greg Linch

Jeff Cutler

Pia Christensen

Megan Garber

Eric Kuhn

Jay Rosen



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