Student: Twitter helps me ‘selectively receive’ news

Another post in my occasional series, “What the Heck Do You Do On Twitter.” This one is from Juliette Lynch, a senior photojournalism and international relations major at Syracuse University. She loves photography and storytelling, people and traveling, and of course, good conversation and coffee. She blogs at Que Me Mueve and Growing Up Girl.

I’m always looking for people to feature as part of this series. Want to share how you use Twitter to help the newbies and veterans alike? Shoot me an e-mail at
Here are Juliette’s answers to my questions: 
How long have you been on Twitter? A little over four months 

Why did you get started? I really really, initially did not want to join Twitter. I found it a waste of time where most people just tweeted updates on their daily life activities, which were usually boring. So when I decided to join, I made a point of joining to try and only tweet about photojournalism and/or photojournalists who focused on human rights issues/documentary photography/humanitarian photography, as well as tweet about pressing human rights issues.  

 Did it end up being different than you expected? Not exactly, except that I found I could keep up on the news better and could selectively receive that news, according to my interests, through following different people or organizations or businesses.  

 How much time do you spent on Twitter daily? How many days a week do you log on? I am lucky if I tweet once a week. I maybe check it once a day. But if I use Tweetdeck, then I’ll check it more often.  

 Do you mainly follow people you know in the face-to-face world, strangers, or a little bit of both? Anything else you like to add about your Twitter use? I follow mostly organizations, nonprofits, or newspapers or news organizations. I do follow a few people and almost all of them are ones that I know face to face, with a few being strangers, although I follow more organizations than people, so in that case, most of those I do not know “face to face.”


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