What journalists can learn from the Seattle P-I

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s recent announcement that it’s ceasing publication of a newspaper — and going online only — is sad because of the jobs and lives impacted and what it means for the future of journalism.

But I’m hoping the P-I’s online experiment can help us all learn a bit more about the revolution happening in journalism today.

Twenty editorial and 20 advertising employees will staff the online-only  P-I. The P-I will continue to showcase  content from 150 or so reader bloggers  and link off site to content partners and competitors.

BeatBlogging.org has an informative interview with Monica Guzman, a P-I blogger who is staying on. (Ink-Drained Kvetch also weighs in on some insightful commentary on the the P-I.)

Here’s what I think the rest of us in journalism can learn from the P-I experiment, based on Guzman interview. (We’ll have to see how the reality measures up.)

I’m looking forward to seeing if the Seattle P-I’s experiment lives up to these ideas. I hope it will.


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