Warning: Blog improvement on the way

Dear readers,

I switched to self-hosting this blog the week, and in the process it seems I lost some comments and few other things.

Please know I did not delete you comments. I would never do that!

Bear with me during the transition, as I improve this blog!

Things will be back to normal soon. I hope. In fact, better than normal.

And please note: My URL will stay the same, savethemedia.com, and if you read this blog through a feed or e-mail subscription, that should still work. Please e-mail at savethemedia@yahoo.com if you have any problems.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Blog improvement on the way

  1. Gina

    Did you lose all the comments or some of them? Usually it happens during the transfer of database.

    Good to know that you’ve made the switch. Let me if there is anything I could help.


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  3. Yan,

    Only last four comments from my top post. I think they came in the midst of the changeover. Rest of comments were fine.

    – Gina

  4. Good to see that everything is fine here. The comments you lost were those received on the day you made the transfer. The database was only good up to the previous day.

    Let me know if you need any help with anything…..


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