How journalists can increase their influence on Twitter

So you set up your Twitter profile you’ve followed a few dozen (or hundred) people, and they’ve followed you back. You’re tweeting your blog posts, chatting with other people with @replies and you’re starting to get the hang of this Twitter thing. If that’s you, read this post. I’ll be explaining how journalists can increase their influence on Twitter.

(If you’re brand-new to Twitter, be sure to check out my tips on how journalists can use Twitter, how to get started, what to say on Twitter and how Twitter can help boost your blog traffic.)

Once you get into Twitter and the initial burst of your enthusiasm fades, Twitter can get stale. Don’t let it. To make Twitter effective for journalism, you need to keep adding followers. But more importantly, you need to keep building your influence on Twitter. The goal isn’t really to have the most followers, although more followers are helpful. Your real goal is to say stuff on Twitter that people find so valuable that they retweet it. (That’s just Twitter parlance for when someone repeats what you tweeting, crediting you.) That’s how your influence can grow because it’s not just you tweeting about your blog post or interesting observation, it’s other people doing it, too. That increases your reach exponentially.

So how do you improve your influence on Twitter?

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5 thoughts on “How journalists can increase their influence on Twitter

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  2. This is the first time I commented here and I must say that you give us genuine, and quality information for other bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  3. Hydraulic car jack,

    Welcome — hope we’ll continue to see you here. Glad you found information useful.

    My blog started as a word press blog, and my template is just pressrow by Chris Pearson. That’s one of the free Word Press templates.

    Originally, it had stacks of books as the main photo, but I replaced that with newspapers since that’s more on target with my blog.

    Take care.


  4. i really enjoy reading your posts here and i’ve been following from a distance and finally felt the need to comment to let you know. keep posting. is there a RSS feed? I just got bloglines and want to add your blog in there.

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