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Beef Caldereta 0

Beef Caldereta

Learn how to make this wonderful Beef Caldereta Recipe Filipino Style that you can prepare in any occasion such as Birthday Celebrations, outings, picnics, and family gatherings for the Holidays.  You can also add...

Buko Pandan Puto 0

Buko Pandan Puto

Learn how to make this sweet, very light dessert, and healthy Pinoy snack called Buko Pandan Puto.  This puto is made out of steamed flour cakes with a touch of nutty pandan flavor and...

Pinakbet Ilocano Recipe 0

Pinakbet Ilocano Recipe

Learn how to make this very nutritious Pinakbet Ilocano Recipe that is one of the main Filipino delicacies in the Philippines.  This Pinakbet or Pakbet is a traditional dish in the Northern part of...

Garlic Fried Rice 0

Garlic Fried Rice

Learn how to make this simple Garlic Fried Rice or sinangag that is often served for breakfast with fried eggs or itlog and meat on the side.  Most Filipinos make it a point to...

Puto Mold 0

Puto Mold

Puto or Steamed Rice Cakes are very sweet little treats that are both nutritious and delicious.  These tasty Filipino snack are often steamed individually using a puto mold.  

Puchero Recipe 0

Puchero Recipe

Learn how to make this tomato based stew called Puchero Recipe with colorful veggies such as potatoes, sweet plantain banana, bell peppers, and leafy greens.  You will surely love the taste of this very...

Bible Quotes About War 0

Bible Quotes About War

Read these wonderful Bible Quotes About War and learn what the scriptures have to say about War – going to war, experiencing war, living in war.  Learn about the messages that Heroes of the...

Tagalog Wedding Songs 0

Tagalog Wedding Songs

Have fun browsing over these very adorable Tagalog Wedding Songs Collection that you can share to your family, friends, and loved ones, especially to those whom you know are going to get married soon....