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Buko Salad Recipe 0

Buko Salad Recipe

Make this very simple Buko Salad Recipe that is filled with healthy goodness and sweetness that comes from the heart.  Learn how to make this very easy dessert that you can serve to your...

Spamsilog Filipino Breakfast 0

Spamsilog Filipino Breakfast

Spamsilog Filipino Breakfast is made out of Spam precooked meat with sinangag or garlic fried rice and itlog or eggs.  Serve this simple Spamsilog Recipe for breakfast to your family or as a lunch...

Coconut Macaroons Filipino Style 0

Coconut Macaroons Filipino Style

Let me show you how to make this sweet and chewy Coconut Macaroons Filipino Style that literally melts in your mouth.  Take the time to make this very wonderful treat that is so irresistibly...

Action Movies Tagalog 0

Action Movies Tagalog

Enjoy your free time by indulging in watching these very heart throbbing Action Movies Tagalog starring your favorite Filipino Action Stars.  Watch these action-packed Tagalog Movies that are full of drama, adventure, and a...

Bible Quotes About Giving 0

Bible Quotes About Giving

Learn some of these very informative Bible Quotes About Giving to help you gain more knowledge and insight about the advantages of being generous towards others who are less fortunate than you are.

Chocolate Pandesal Toblerone Bread 0

Chocolate Pandesal Toblerone Bread

Savor this very unique sweet comfort food for the soul – Chocolate Pandesal Toblerone Bread Recipe.  A tasty pandesal bread with a sweet Toblerone filling inside.  Enjoy the rich taste of chocolate combined with...